essays on suffering and awakening

Metta for President Trump

There is very little President Trump has done in any part of his political career that I like or agree with. Much has and will continue to be said about the harm his behavior causes the rest of us. It’s really painful to have to watch him make one destructive choice after another, day after day.

But he’s the president of the United States, and his actions have the potential to quickly influence the lives of everyone else on the planet, for better or worse. If he really screws it up, well, the satisfaction of being right about his unfitness for office will be cold comfort. He’s clearly suffering—nothing about the man makes it seem like he’s happy. 

Most importantly, he’s our brother, whether we like it or not. 

For those reasons, I’m sending him love; a practice Buddhists call metta. He needs it as much as anyone else does. Join me, if you want.

Mr. President. Donald. Brother. 

May you be at peace and at ease.
May you know that you are loved.
May you know that you are love.

May you know the wisdom you have inside of you.
May you see clearly the awesome responsibility before you.
May you use that wisdom to act for the well-being of all.

May you know the compassion that is your birthright.
May you understand how your choices affect the lives of everyone around you.
May you choose to let compassion guide you in all that you do.

May you see the suffering of the American people.
May you see the suffering of all the peoples of the world.
May you see your own suffering.
May you learn to act skillfully to lessen the suffering of all.

May you know truth.
May you know love.
May you share both with the world.

May we all see you with loving eyes.
May we all greet you with forgiving hearts.
May we all understand that you are us.


Ian Cooper