writing on suffering and awakening

Gratitude to the women who come forward

I just want to say thank you to all the women (and men!) who have stepped forward to share their stories of sexual hurt. Our government may not appear to be listening, but so many millions of us are.

The #MeToo movement is something new, because we’re talking about the stuff we’ve never really talked about before. Certainly not in public, not to this degree. Social media may be a mess, but it can let us see our interconnectedness, and offers a platform for so many people to share the truth of what they’ve gone through. We all get to witness and learn from that.

The outpouring of honesty we’ve seen is already changing our world in ways big and small, and will continue to do so. We’re also seeing a backlash to that honesty right now, and that’s normal. Truth changes us and that’s scary, but we can’t undo what’s happened either. Pandora is out of her box, and that’s something to celebrate.

So, please, let’s keep it up. I’m not always a good listener. Sometimes, I don’t want to hear about your suffering because I’m too busy thinking about myself. But some days, your words really do sink in, and I do think about what I do that’s hurtful and what I can do better.

Though the road may feel uncertain, we really are changing and opening up. All of us.

Ian Cooper