writing on suffering and awakening

Checking on myself

I get really thrown when I hear people who seem genuinely unkind talk about the importance of love or compassion. From some people, such sentiment seems utterly incongruous with so much else of what they do or say. Frankly, it’s unsettling.

Why? Because then I start asking myself, “what if I’m one of those people?” I believe that love and compassion are paramount. But am I walking the walk, or am I as delusional as I believe others are? Am I just offering lip service to pretty ideals, or am I putting those principles into practice?

Disquieting questions, but well worth asking. Worth considering too is the thought that we all do know love and compassion are what matter, but we run into trouble because we believe we can only give out so much. Perhaps what I may see as hypocritical, sanctimonious doublespeak is really the earnest efforts of someone whose sense of compassion is still just beginning to awaken.

Perhaps, then, mine could use some awakening too.

Ian Cooper