essays on suffering and awakening

Coyotes in the distance

Out on the street at 1 in the morning last night to walk the dog, I saw several four-legged figures in motion at the other end of the block. Coyotes, I think, come down from the hills. Beautiful to be sure, but probably best appreciated from a distance. They wouldn’t get along with the dog.

I felt a trickle of fear and told myself I was being silly. This was my turf, right?

Keeping an eye on them, I watched as they crossed the street. Each slender silhouette was little more than a shadow against the dark asphalt. Eventually, they moved off towards Wilshire Boulevard. I heard a car door open in that direction and wondered what the occupant must think of this peculiar caravan.

Even in the heart of the city, nature calls. We can’t escape the wild.

Ian Cooper